Brett Swierczek
Owner, Operations

Brett is an award winning co-founder of Sharp Home Solutions.  He is well known in the Omaha, Lincoln and Columbus markets for his high quality work, integrity and customer satisfaction.  Brett has 17 years of construction experience in which he has worked on all types of construction projects.  He has received the coveted Award of Distinction from the Vinyl Siding Institute for a project displaying design versatility, quality performance, and beauty of vinyl siding.


Dave Swierczek
Owner, Customers

Dave is the other co-founder of Sharp Home Solutions and focuses on project management and business development in the Columbus market.  Dave is well-known, respected, and trusted in the Columbus area.  He has served as President of the Shamrock Club (Scotus Central HS), President of the St. Anthony's Parish Council, and sat on the Platte College Advisory Board.