Sure, at Sharp we deliver great products and services, but that is not what separates us. We're different because our focus is on you, the customer. From our first conversation to the last nail being hit, our experience strives to be 'recommendable'.




Customer Focused

From our first conversation, the focus will be on you. Of course we install high-quality products, but we separate ourselves from our competitors by how we treat our customers. 

put your mind at ease

We've been doing this a long time. We understand what it takes to deliver a quality product and treat the customer right. Sit back and relax. We got this.


It's the small things that go a long way. We show up when we are supposed to. We promptly get you a bid. We're accessible. We are here for you.

Strength, Beauty, Durability


With over two decades of experience with siding, we will make sure your siding project far exceeds your expectations.  We focus on the details so in the end you have a sharp home that will stand the test of time.  All of our siding projects come with a 1-year labor warranty to provide you the peace of mind you're looking for.



Reliable, Consistent


A total gutter system for your home will give you peace of mind while maintaining your home investment for years to come. Rain gutters are available in many choices from the type of material, color, and functions.  Like the NEW Leaf Guard Gutter system that guarantees to leave your gutters clog free.



Elegant, Affordable


You have high expectations for windows, and you should. You expect windows to be durable, drastically reduce outside noise, and be amazingly beautiful. That is reason why we partnered with Richlin Window. We are bringing the best window to the Columbus market at a very affordable price.



Creative, Masterful, Solid


At Sharp, we recognize that decks are truly outdoor living spaces.  You want the deck to be creative, the space fully utilized, along with it being safe and secure.  We've done them all; decks with built-in hot tubs, wrap-around decks, multilevel decks. 



Quality, Creative, Inspiring


Now is the time to reinvest back into your current home with the current low interest rates.  Add that extra bedroom, a sunroom, or expand your kitchen and turn your current home back into your "Dream Home"!